Is It Time For The Minimalist Design In Marketing To Finally Die?


Maybe you’re not one to keep up with the latest design trends, but it’s highly probable that you have seen this one—minimalism in branding. This efficient, easy, clean, simple aesthetic, incorporated with sans serif fonts and comforting plain colors, have basically become global wherever corporate branding is, especially with startups.

“One of the remarkable features of startup minimalism is its flexibility. It can sell anything.”

In an article for shopping-focused website Racked, senior reporter Eliza Brooke acknowledged that while this style is not new—and neither is sans serif fonts—it seems to have hit an easy, simple and affordable way of shopping.

“Uncluttered design felt fresh and new a few years ago, but there will come a point when it no longer has the same specialness. Eventually, all that delicious, soothing nothing will just look like nothing.”

In spite of the flexibility of this style, “startup minimalism” is inescapably beginning to get old after years of being praised as “the trend to watch”. After all, an important part of branding is to let a company distinguish itself from its competition—and how can it possibly to do that when they all look the same?

“Design is a pendulum. I think there will be a shift to more ornate and maximalist design.”

Trend in graphic design is recurrent in nature (or the nature of technology), where a difference in styles are usually a response to previous trends, Brooke expects the excitement for minimalism to subside as brands and designers explore other styles that would make them stand out.

For example, even as the minimalism trends thrive, the enthusiasm for loud, “heavily stylized” designs are consistent, standing out in design and e-commerce.


[via Racked, image via Shutterstock]