Breathtaking Volkswagen Pictures Taken By A Blind Photographer


Pete Eckert’s breathtaking ‘light paintings’ using a technique called, “sound, touch and memory” to capture luminescent pictures that are simply amazing.

Thirty years ago, Eckert was an aspiring architect who would lose his eyesight to retinitis pigmentosa.

Only finding a passion for it and taking photography seriously when he had completely lost his eyesight, this amazing photographer has teemed up with Volkswagen to produce some of the most epic car pictures you’ve ever seen.

“The new Arteon represents expressive, avant-garde design. Pete Eckert has presented this design in a unique way.”


Eckert shot the Volkswagen Arteon in complete darkness with an analog camera and using long exposure times with light sources. Double exposures created his signature, “light paintings.” After researching the car’s features and making use of sensory impressions by feeling and tapping, this is quite an accomplishment – especially for a blind man.


This talented photographer creatures photographs that make it seem as if the car is on fire, generating sparks or as if it’s not a part of this physical word.

Xavier Chardon, head of marketing at Volkswagen said,

“The images he has created are genuine works of art and have a very special atmosphere that only he can create.”


[via Adweek, some images via YouTube]