Create Your Own Website By Combining All Your Social Media Accounts


‘Emaze’ is a website that allows you to sync up all your social media accounts onto one personal website. Originally created for aesthetically-pleasing presentations, it is now used as a personal blog and personal websites made in just a few seconds.

By selecting a website template, ‘Emaze’ will add content from your social media accounts, still allowing you to customise your project afterwards.

In seconds you’ll have your own personal website, which is perfect if you don’t have time to create your own websites. Other websites may make you feel too limited, but with Emaze, you can pick your own customisable templates and automatically populates it with content from your social media pages.

Allowing you to link the ‘big four’ social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.



“It supports 3D, parallax, video, and pan and zoom designer layouts, and you can insert live social media feeds.”




[via The Next Web, images via various sources]