Marketing Trends To Keep Your Strategy On Top


Society changes over time and what may have been interesting and popular a month ago may be old news today. For businesses, it’s important to stay ahead and keep track of all the marketing trends to stay fresh and up to date with the general consumer population.

Trends can come and go as they please. For example, the Pokémon Go craze that became hugely popular in 2016 is dead now. At one point, millions of people were walking about throwing Pokéballs around and while it has decreased in popularity mostly due to safety and technical issues, it inspired a wide range of companies into the augmented reality.

And when you think of businesses that were thought of not being able to succeed – but did. Like Apple, for example. In 1997, Apple’s stocks were well below value and was worth less on paper than it’s existence. Everyone thought Apple would not succeed but despite it’s odds, they launched an internal campaign and now Apple’s market capitalisation is worth $800 Billion, with 31 Macs sold per minute.

Here’s five digital marketing trends of 2017 that will help keep your marketing strategy on top.


Content that’s Visual.


Viewers spend 100% more time on pages with visual content and humans are more attracted to visual information – we process it easier and it is what makes up most of our information that is processed. To get ahead in the market, use informative pictures, infographics, logos, website designs and more to increase your brand’s identity in the market.

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This is most likely a business trend that will never die out.


Content that’s Interactive.


Interactive content requires engagement from consumers. This is content such as polls, quizzes, competitions, voting, assessments and more. Inviting the consumer to be a part of your brand, they make you feel involved and add to the overall user experience. It increases traffic and increases activity.


Live Video.


Videos are powerful messages when done right – they can combine a whole bunch of visual information with a powerful message and moving music. Now that businesses are using live videos, they increase trust and honesty towards consumers because of how interactive it can be. You are able to comment and react to live videos helping determine what to change or improve in real-time.


Content that Expires.

Giving consumers a limited amount on time, it acts on their urgency and interest and helps consumers often make impulsive decisions. This keeps attention on your business and helps keep interest on what’s next to come.


In-store Applications.

Helping make consumer life even more easy to live in, Beacons are placed inside in-store applications to help tell the company where the consumer is looking at them from. This helps them let consumers know how much the branch near them has in stock, read reviews and more. You can also send push-notifications helping tell consumers about the special offers you have in store. Allowing live interaction, this will only grow in popularity.



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