New Striking Firefox Logo


Having various logo updates over the years, it’s a good thing to keep your business fresh and redesigning the logo could be great for a whole number of reasons. It’s a good thing to re-evaultate your logo when your business grows, merges, different goals and direction is shown or just to keep fresh in the market.

‘It makes sense for Firefox to revamp its brand alongside the browser’

Take a look at the logo progression shown below:


While Firefox has kept to it’s standard orange fox on a blue world, they may be trying something different – Firefox Nightly. Despite the look, it could be safe to assume that Firefox will come back to it’s normal orange, blue and yellow colour theme.

Mozilla is promoting the upcoming Firefox 57 update arriving in November this year. It includes Photon – a new interface – which has flattened the logo except for a few parts of the tail that were left spiky.

The first stages of Project Quantum has been used to improve performance, combined with a whole bunch of other stuff like Quantum Compositor, Stylo and more, it will ensure improvement in the browser’s speed and security among several features users will notice from the start.



[via Omg Ubuntu, other images via Twitter]